We are scheduled for May 22nd with our amazing photographer DAVID 8A and my makeup and hair person Liz Kjartson.

More to come…

Wedding Shower Invite

Thanks to Nati for creating the invites. They are beautiful! They will be sent out this coming week, if not hand delivered yay:)

Due to lack of time, a need for convenience, and to stay true to the orginal color chosen for the Bridesmaids, I have made the executive decision to go with Davids Bridal. Plus, its a cute style and simple enough for my girlfriends to wear time and time again.

It feels like a sense of relief and Im thankful that my girls are on the same page with me, or just simply supportive. I have to say I am thankful to have such great ladies to stand by my side, especially on this special day. Thanks sisters, sisterbears, and sisterfriends :)

here is the dress they will be sporting on that awesome summer day:


….well not really, more like we found the perfect one on Craigslist…Her name is Rev. Cristy and I called her last night only to realized that my search had finally come to a close. I know it seems so backwards but we originally asked a person who was not ordained and then decided we thought it would be best.

Like with all of my vendors, we jelled immediately. It almost feels like we will be in contact even after the wedding.

Here is her website incase you are interested:


OCDAMIA STRINGS rocked Lizette’s wedding

This Rockin Trio changed the way I see formal ceremonial music go modern

website: http://www.ocdamiastrings.com/

youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S9O3xKfy_Y&feature=player_embedded

First and foremost, thank you for allowing us to share in your special day.It was amazing! We were taken away by so many things, such as the venue, the food and the musicians….cant wait to see your photographs, not to mention the bride!! You were beautiful! It was definitely enjoyable and memorable. I hope my wedding can be as much fun as your was! ;)

Alfred and I at Lizettes wedding :)

Lizette and Ernesto Huerta's Wedding

The outdoor ceremony at the Ponte Winery in Temecula

The cute centerpieces

The gorgeous ceremonial site overlooking the grape fields

Last week Alfred and I met with Richard Mojica to snag him as our professional Dj, Mc, and the man who is going to keep the wedding party happening! We are both happy to make this decision, one that checks off another thing off the wedding Must Do list.

Look ing forward to see what music mixes he has under his sleeves. Now to make the music list!

If you are interested here is his contact info:

Richard Mojica

323 306 0647



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